5 ways to fix Amazon Fresh

In response to the article Why you shouldn’t use Amazon Fresh  I thought I would offer some solutions for Amazon to get back lost customers.

1 Create a Reuse program with the delivery material. People are smart. They understand the re-use of foam containers particularly when it contains packaged goods. Wash them down and use them over again. Mine went straight to the trash and its the main reason I am still going to the grocery store. Allow users to elect to have new foam material used if they don’t like it.

2 Lower the cost. $299 a year is way to high. Even if it includes prime with it. I understand that it costs money to deliver the food people purchase, but the food also costs more… add a few more pennies to every item, and lower the initial cost.

3 Get rid of tipping. Pay your employees what they are worth. Don’t pass that on to us. You will get better and more loyal employees from this change.

4 Utilize your re-usable bags in a better fashion.  I was pretty frustrated to get one bag with one item and a foam container in it, and one only a quarter full. Also, add some design to your bags to create a composting heap inside of them. Since your service is only for city dwellers, a small composting pile in an amazon fresh bag would be great for our balcony planter gardens.

5 Don’t forget that you are a start-up. You might have a great big round of money you raised from your big brother Amazon. But make no mistake about it, you are a start-up. Listen to your customers and pivot away from your problems. Don’t try and make us conform to what works for you, give us what works for us.

I should probably take a moment to say how much of a fan of Amazon and Amazon Prime I am. I think Amazon Fresh could be a great product. Its hard when you live in a city that bans single use plastic bags, only to be replaced with single use Foam containers.

Thoughts? Comment below.

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