Body Reset Diet Review.

I’m currently engaged and my girlfriend fiancĂ© and I decided to do a little diet before the wedding. She asked if we could do The Body Reset Diet: “. So for those who don’t know The Body Reset Diet: is a 3 week diet where you start out with 3 smoothies a day, and work your way down to one smoothie a day. It sounds tough, but it wasn’t that bad. You are allowed some snacks and its way more filling then you would think.

The biggest problem is that you buy quite a lot of fresh produce. While this doesn’t seem like a problem we found ourselves going to the grocery store pretty often. That is, until I tried Amazon Fresh. We are lucky enough to be in Santa Monica, where amazon will deliver to us. I went through the book last night, and in about 20 mins I had a whole weeks food planned out and ordered.

I plan on doing another post on how we like it as we do a few more shipments, but so far its great!

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