Los Angeles based Nuke Artist

I was asked recently by a client what my day job was.  I can say first and foremost, I am a Los Angeles Nuke Artist.  Compositing has been my career since 2001.  Originally on After Effects, then in 2003 moving over to Flame.  I was a flame artist in NYC for the next 6 years, working […]

Trials Frontier The Grindhouse walkthrough

Ok so you are looking for the Trials Frontier The Grindhouse walkthrough.  Good news, you’ve come to the right place. At first I thought I needed the phantom to beat this level, but actually, the riptide worked just fine.  This level can be a little tricky, so some practice is in order.  Otherwise, have fun! […]

Growth Hacking One week results

One week down and I am really happy with the growth.  Of course, there results aren’t sustainable for right now, but I am going to keep working at it to see what gets me the best results.   Web signups              21.05% www.bibtagger.com Facebook likes          366.67% […]

Growth Hacking… Day 1

In my efforts to get bibtagger off the ground, I decided to do a little bit of growth hacking to get things moving before the launch.  I spent about 3 hours inviting people to join, on twitter and facebook and using some other techniques.  In addition, some people who are interested in getting it off the […]

5 ways to fix Amazon Fresh

In response to the article Why you shouldn’t use Amazon Fresh  I thought I would offer some solutions for Amazon to get back lost customers. 1 Create a Reuse program with the delivery material. People are smart. They understand the re-use of foam containers particularly when it contains packaged goods. Wash them down and use […]

My Learning Journey

When I started learning Ruby on rails for development, I found a piece of advice to keep me going. It was to start a blog and get your ideas into the world. I thought I would give it a try, and I have to say its working. In the few weeks I have been blogging […]

Detroit Bus Company

I briefly lived worked and played in detroit a few years back… it should have come as no surprise that Motown is a place with soul! I was really stuck by the juxtaposition of wealth in the city. When I inquired it was explained to me that mass transit had much to do with it. […]

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