Growth Hacking… Day 1

In my efforts to get bibtagger off the ground, I decided to do a little bit of growth hacking to get things moving before the launch.  I spent about 3 hours inviting people to join, on twitter and facebook and using some other techniques.  In addition, some people who are interested in getting it off the ground jumped in and helped out… and as I learned this is the secret to great growth.


In just a few hours, here were my growth numbers.


Facebook 158.3%

Landing page 8.7%

Twitter 0%


Looks like I need to really work on the twitter, but still I am very pleased with these numbers.  Especially the landing page numbers.  If I could sustain an 9% per day growth rate I wold be a billionaire in no time!


Seriously though, there is a huge lesson here about spending the time to acquire customers.  I am curious to see how I do at the end of the week!



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