Making it.

Since college, I have always had this desire to make things. When I needed a prop at NYU, I spent $100 at home depot and a weekend with my father. When I moved to LA, I needed furniture, so I took a class and learned the craft. When I wanted pictures of that furniture, I got my hands on a camera and taught my self.

The same goes with coding. While I always thought of coding as some mythical thing that only super nerds could learn, I now know different. Don’t get me wrong. An experienced software developer is worth their weight in gold. Luckily for me, that has become a motivator. Its completely against my sensibility to rely on someone else to craft my vision.

So I now look at code the way I look at any design tool. Its just a tool. And a ruler, pencil, paint brush, saw or line of code are only as good as the vision at the end.

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