My Learning Journey

When I started learning Ruby on rails for development, I found a piece of advice to keep me going. It was to start a blog and get your ideas into the world. I thought I would give it a try, and I have to say its working. In the few weeks I have been blogging and journaling the learning process I have had a few friends mention that they have been reading my blog, and encouraging me.

Pretty cool right? Well I really appreciate it! If you want to help, here are a few simple ways.

Ask. Next time you see me, ask me how its going. The answer is not important, your support is!

Write a comment of encouragement. Either below or on my facebook page.

Get involved. If you want to help, ask me what you can do, or see if anyone in your network can help. Chances are you know a web developer or a person who can help in other ways.

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