The lean startup in the wild.

If you haven’t read The Lean Startup by Eric Reis… do it now. This is the go to guide on how to start a web company. Its all about getting a product out before its complete and learning from how it preforms in the real world. Its also the one book nearly everyone in the startup community has read.

I had the chance to see it in action recently in an unexpected place. The Minion rush video game for my iphone. Much like everyone else, I found it for free in the app store. I enjoyed it, but I noticed thinking to myself that it felt unfinished. It was fun, but lacked in places. It has 2 levels, and I couldn’t understand why not a third, and special features that lacked interactivity.

That was until I updated.. and boom, all those problems fixed. This was the lean startup in action. It was so great to see how this would work in real life. I enjoyed the product as it was first released, and as a new version came, I stuck with it.

Great game, and great book! I recommend both.

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