Trials Frontier The Grindhouse walkthrough

Ok so you are looking for the Trials Frontier The Grindhouse walkthrough.  Good news, you’ve come to the right place.

At first I thought I needed the phantom to beat this level, but actually, the riptide worked just fine.  This level can be a little tricky, so some practice is in order.  Otherwise, have fun!

Feel free to look at the completed level over on youtube.  I’ve also broken out a step by step guide of how to get over the obstacles.

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 Obstacle 01 – Rockpile

The key here is not to try and fly over the rockpile, but land with your back tire on the rock and accelerate off.




Obstacle 02 – Rock wall

For this one, the key is timing.  When you climb the wall, your tire will want to kick out.  Lay off the gas and wait for your back tire to hit the rock.  Once it does make sure to accelerate .

Trials Frontier- Gridhouse Obstacle 02


Obstacle 03 – High Cliff

This one is pretty easy… Make sure your front wheel is high enough so that you hit the rock with your back wheel.   This will push you forward so that your back wheel comes up.  When its safe on the ground, hit the gas.

Trials Frontier- Gridhouse Obstacle 03

Obstacle 04 – Hook

This one is tricky.  On take off, push forward to get a little more distance.  You’ll need to try and hook the beam, and ride it forward.  Do a front flip out to land safely.


Trials Frontier- Gridhouse Obstacle 04


 Obstacle 05 – Gas Can

The only issue with this one is how close they placed it to the hook.  Just do a simple bunny hop and you should be able to get over it.


Trials Frontier- Gridhouse Obstacle 05


Obstacle 06 – The wheel of death.

Yeah.. this one sucks.  About half way up the wall, try and push off to get away from the ramp.  Once your front tire gets about half way up the wheel, hit reverse.  This should grab your wheel and help pull you up.


Trials Frontier- Gridhouse Obstacle 06




What do you think?  Have a better way?  Was this helpful? Leave a comment below.


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